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ElemenTory Feature Film - Directed by Terrence Aryln

A father sends a student named Mason to the bathroom but Mason never returns. Realizing his son is missing, George and his wife panics and calls the police. A search effort begins but there are no leads.

Another local couple learns their daughter is also missing and reaches out to George and his wife to help, given the similarity in the cases. Frustrated with the lack of police progress, The parents decides to take matters into his own hands.

They go to the school with the other parents and chain the doors shut, intent on keeping everyone inside until his their children are found. The father of the missing girl Tory believes someone at the school knows something and is covering up the disappearances. The other parents agree and stand with him.

Police arrive to find the school on lockdown. George gives an impassioned speech about how privileged voices in the town ignore cases like his missing son. He declares that this time will be different and that these disappearances will affect everyone.

News crews document the tense standoff at the school. The parents outside begin looking for any way to break into the barricaded school, intent on searching every inch for their children.

The escalating confrontation between protective parents and the uncooperative people Tory's father spearheads a desperate parents' effort, willing to use extreme measures to get answers. It remains unclear if the missing children will be found unharmed, or at all.

Elementory is a emotional, high tension, action packed mystery. Schools have been perceived as a safe place for student to go and learn, and for parents to be worry free about their children. Unfortunately over the years some fears has been parked with

school shootings, bullying, gang violence, etc

While Elementory will provoke a fear in parents and communities, it will also cause a sense of awareness in the flawed systems that are created to serve and protect the people. School may become more motivated to improve their current crisis management plans and ensure all students and staff are educated on ways to handle crisis situations that may arise. Law enforcement may also be prompted to make change in a system that seem in sensitive to victims' families. With await time before an investigation can begin and a time frame on when it has to end, families are left with no hope of seeing their loved ones again

Elementory is a break through film that exposes the world to what can be a reality

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Genre: Mystery & thriller

Original Language: English

Director: Terrence Arlyn

Producer: Terrence Arlyn, Charles Cerrone, Mija Edwards, Cleo Flucker

Writer: Terrence Arlyn

Runtime: 1h 51m


Shaun Paul Costello (Neil Reddick)Juliette Valdez (Sylvia Reddick)Big Daddy Kane (Chris Cunningham)Glenn Plummer (Luis Jonmar)Charles W Harris III (Brian White)Crystal T. Williams (Ms. Kathy Williams)Ziva Jane (Samantha (older)Tyrone Reeves (George Adams) Kenisha Pinckney (Yvonne Adams)Cody N. Carter (Officer Bryant)David Lee Denny Jr. (Simon Russell)Shawn Shillingford (Steve Korniki)Marcia Marie (Bar patron and Security officer)

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